This Pacific War Podcast asks what if Japan attacked the Soviet Union during WW2?

➡️ This Pacific War Podcast will discuss the reasons as to why the Empire of Japan did not attack the Soviet Union. What if Japan attacked the Soviet Union, what would have happened? What happens to global history if Japan attacked the Soviet Union? The Pacific War and WW2 in Europe would both be dramatically different given this alternate history what if.

➡️ Hokushin-ron known as the Northern Expansion Doctrine, was Japan's war plan to attack the Soviet Union, but how feasible was it? What political reasons led Japan to not attack the Soviets? Was it the aftermath of the battle of khalkhin gol and battle of lake khasan? Why was Nanshin-ron chosen instead of Hokushin-ron?

➡️ If Japan attacked the Soviet Union what would happen? Would the attack occur during operation Barbarossa? Could the Japanese defeat the Soviet Far East Army? Would Vladivostok be attacked by the IJN? How would the IJA traverse the enormous region of Siberia?

➡️ What happens to global history as we know it if Japan chose to attack the Soviet Union instead of America, Britain and the Dutch? How does the United States react? How would the United States find a way to enter WW2? What happens to WW2? Is there a cold or hot war afterwards?

➡️ The Pacific War Podcast features Craig & Eric

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