This Pacific War Podcast is about the German Raiders of the Pacific who were the German East Asia Squadron of Maximilian von Spee and the SMS Emden that terrorized the Indian ocean during WW1.

➡️ This Pacific War Podcast will discuss how WW1 broke out in Europe and how the German East Asia Squadron left the port of Tsingtao to raid the Pacific and Indian oceans. SMS Emden alone terrorized shipping lanes in the Indian ocean until her final battle against HMAS Sydney. The German East Asia Squadron would raid the Pacific Ocean and fight the British Royal Navy at the battle of Coronel and battle of Falkland Islands.

➡️ The German East Asia Squadron consisted of SMS Scharnhorst, SMS Gneisenau, SMS Dresden, SMS Leipzig, SMS Nurnberg and the legendary SMS Emden. Through their actions during WW1 they became known as the German raiders of the pacific.

➡️ Other topics include, introducing the guests Youtube Channels, how did "raiding" work in the Pacific? How did naval communication work during WW1? How was the German Raider episode animated? How did Propaganda play into the pacific war of WW1? And answering the many audience comments and questions!

➡️ WW1 in the Pacific saw the Germans being chased by Japan, Britain, Australia and New Zealand. WW1 would spell the end of the German colonial empire in the Asia-Pacific.

➡️ The Pacific War Podcast is featuring Toupaloops (Game Review Channel), Canada Watch (Canadian politics Channel) & Just (Economics' major)

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